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Episodes come out on Saturdays. Not necessarily every Saturday.

If you're wondering where the name "Second Enumerations" comes from, it's a pun. It was supposed to be my secondary podcast. The idea was to use it as something to do when I couldn't find the time to write episodes for my hypothetical main podcast Knowing Things Is Hard. But I never managed to write even a single episode of that, so, here we are. Also, "second" can mean "again", and "enumerate" means "count". So second enumerations means "recounting".

The articles I choose definitely in practice have a theme of how hard it is to know things. But I don't feel the need to stick to that and you should feel free to suggest readings. I want to spread important ideas in many topics.

The only innovation on the audiobook genre I can claim is the idea of using one voice for the main text, another voice for parentheticals, another for footnotes, and another for quotations. Dan Carlin does something similar when he reads quotations, and my quote voice thus unintentionally resembles his.

If you are listening to the episodes by going to the blog page and downloading the mp3s from there, you are doing it wrong! Find a podcatcher. Preferably one for your smartphone (I use Podcast Addict). Use it to subscribe to the RSS feed. If you have trouble with this I can help. Then you will know how to listen to audio content while walking, while doing dishes, during long drives, and so on, and your life will be improved.

I have a large list of audio content recommendations on Audio Content at Grognor's Nook.

Finally, you can email me at grognor@stacky.net

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